Core Philosophy

IMG_0109We exist so we may express God in our own unique individual way.  We are created to live in this human existence from our spiritual core so we can transcend the human condition.  In order for each individual to live a fulfilled life we must honor ourselves spiritually, mentally, and physically.  We are triune beings and when we honor ourselves and all aspects of self we live in wholeness.

Through prayer, meditation, and honoring the body temple we live in our Trinity. With prayer, we shift our thoughts to the higher state of knowing  ‘all needs met’  which is an elevated state of awareness.  Meditation brings us to a state of allowing where we listen to our inner calling so we may resonate with, and realize, our highest good. Through clean eating and honoring the body temple with fitness and whole live food, we receive more clarity and insights on how to serve  the planet and humanity.

“We are the Trinity, Spirit mind and body”
~ Rev Arlene