Spiritual Teacher

spiritual sermonAs a teenager I asked myself the question, “How is it that I can hear myself speaking but my mouth isn’t moving.” This question was the catalyst of my spiritual journey. At the age of 18 I started studying Ernest Holmes. Years later I started studying with Johnny Coleman, Universal Foundation For Better Living and Charles and Myrtle Filmore teachings.

In the late 1990s for over three years I was the supervisor of children’s church at Christ Church Unity in Boston Massachusetts. I taught children of all ages about spiritual principles and the importance of each individual to God. April 21, 2001 I moved to Los Angeles. I started attending Agape International Spiritual Center and began taking classes. By June 2010, I graduated as a minister. Through Agape’s University of transformational studies I deepened my understanding of our oneness with our Creator.

Throughout my life I have learned, studied and lived spiritual principles that have transformed my life. I am now gifted with the opportunity to support individuals in transforming their life and living fulfilled. I teach through many modalities such as prayer, guided meditations, spiritual writing, gratitude, intention setting, one on one counsel and The Life Visioning process. The Life Visioning process was taught to me and created by my spiritual teacher Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith. I am grateful for all the gifts that life has brought me and the ability to share these gifts with you.

Life is for us, we are Life itself.”
~Rev. Arlene